GEC Activities

  • Networking: The GEC acts as a hub to connect scholars, professionals, organizations, and other stakeholders all over the world who are working on issues related to international education. To accomplish this, we host social and academic events (online and in-person) to enhance the ability for all individuals to learn about international education issues, meet our team of dedicated scholars, or get involved with projects that match their interests.

  • Information Sharing: We compile and make available information from government organizations, educational institutions, and our community that aids in efforts to understand education on a global level. This includes compiling resources regarding funding, publications, and conferences, as well as publishing a bi-annual global education newsletter.

  • Education: We aim to provide educational opportunities to our community through hosting an annual invited Speaker Series, curating a global education blog, and (co)organizing conferences and panels that bring established and emerging scholars to Southern California.

  • Development: We identify and apply to opportunities that will bring funding and resources to the GEC and our members. This includes applying for research grants, opportunities to host conferences, and calls for publication.

  • Research: We provide space for our members to pursue their own research agendas in a supportive environment. Additionally, we facilitate opportunities for scholars to come together to form collaborative research projects that advance knowledge on education from a global perspective.