Education in Emergencies

The UNHCR (2018) estimates the world has nearly 90 million forcibly displaced people, which is the highest level of forced displacement since WWII. Our research focuses on the role education can play in helping to foster social change and equity in order to tackle this global displacement crisis.


  1. Andrew Swindell, PhD Student, Comparative and International Education

  2. Christine Liboon, PhD Student, Social Research Methodology

  3. Bilgehan Ayik, PhD Student, Social Research Methodology


  1. “Ayik, B., Liboon, C., Swindell, A. (2019). Healing with education: Fostering social change and equity through schooling for people displaced by conflict. Panel discussion at UCLA Going Global Conference, University of California, Los Angeles.

  2. Swindell, A. (2019). If you build it, they will learn: Non-state actors designing sustainable schooling and curriculum amidst conflict in Myanmar. Paper presented at Comparative and International Education Society Conference (April 2019) and World Congress of Comparative Education Societies (May 2019).

  3. Ayik, B. (2019). Providing justice in classrooms: A snapshot of refugee education in Turkey, – Jordan and Lebanon. Paper presented at Comparative and International Education Society Conference (April 2019).

Regional Focus

We currently have research ongoing in Myanmar, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and the United States.

Project Details: Myanmar

Ongoing research in Myanmar focuses on non-state education system design and delivery in historically and currently underserved communities. The research questions ask: how do non-state education systems and school design compare? How do communities participate in the design and implementation process? How effective are non-state schools in meetings their desired educational outcomes? Do non-state schools effectively address local educational needs? Do non-state schools increase or decrease access to quality education?

If you are interested in learning more or participating in the ongoing research, send inquiries to Andrew Swindell at